Our Story

Vintage bird, antique clock, birds nest and treasures.

Scout + Bird grew up in a time when our grandparents valued every possession. In a time of prefabrication and instant gratification, we scout antique and vintage wares to honour and preserve this tradition. By doing so, we aim to tread more lightly on our planet, and safeguard treasured pieces of the past for you to reimagine in your own home or space.

Our Wares

Much care is taken when curating our special vintage wares and collections. Simple rustic pieces in a timeless monochrome palette make our hearts sing! Every object has a story to tell. So, every imperfection - be it a dent, chip or scratch - is welcomed and only renewed when absolutely necessary. 

Our main focus and specialty is sourcing decorative antiques and vintage items from the early 19th century through to mid-century gems. 

To view any of our items more closely in our store, simply click on the picture. You may need to click twice to bring up the full photo gallery. Use the arrow buttons to navigate your way through the gallery.

Our Community

By connecting with you through our store, we believe the time and love we put into sourcing and sharing our wares with you isn't just transactional, but helps to build and strengthen a wonderful connection and community of vintage lovers.

So, thank you for choosing to shop with us, and entrusting us with your time. We hope you can stay a while as you browse and that you will return often.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out via our Contact Us page.