White Stoneware Clay Drip Compote Bowl

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A stunning and unique hand-formed compote/pedestal bowl using gritty stoneware clay, featuring a drippy white gloss glaze and incredible texture. Exclusive to scout + bird.

Use as a statement piece unadorned on a sideboard, shelving or coffee table; or fill to the brim with fruit, foliage or whatever your heart desires. We've curated this piece with a mix of old and new, to showcase its versatility.

Size: 23cm tall x 27cm wide x 17cm deep (bowl)

Material + Special Features: This piece has been hand-formed using gritty stoneware clay with a drip glaze. Some small patches of clay have been left exposed. These are not imperfections.

Artisan: Hand-formed by Cinnamon Garrett from And Clay Co, Queensland, Australia

Artisan Philosophy: "All of my work is based around the beautiful concept of wabi-sabi - the practice of finding beauty in the cracks and imperfections of life and nature. I rarely set an intention when making pieces; I let the clay take whatever natural form feels right in the moment."

Care: Hand wash only; small patches of clay may be absorbent so use mindfully with food.